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Help us fight Islamophobia through Da’wah

As the world fights the Covid-19 outbreak, another, equally dangerous virus is rearing its head in our country - Islamophobia. It's a completely irrational fear and hatred towards everything related to Islam and Muslims, resulting into vilification of Islamic beliefs and practices and marginalization and discrimination against Muslims. This prejudice was evident by the shamefully relentless attempt to pin the blame of the spread Coronavirus in the country on the followers of Tablighi Jamaat. While the politicians, bureaucrats and media persons with vested interest are primarily to be blamed for the rise of Islamophobia in the country, deep-rooted misconceptions and prejudices are prevalent in a significant population of the country.

The only way to cure this communal virus is to present the real teachings of Islam, the only to the ignorant and let them witness the positive changes these teachings bring in an individual as well as the society at large. For the last 37 years, Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) has been actively engaged in da'wah - representing the essence of Islam and inviting people towards the path of Allah. Through these da'wah activities, we have conveyed the message of Islam to lakhs of people, especially students and youths, and have managed to develop a positive attitude towards Islam among them. Many of them have even accepted the path of Islam.

Since last year, SIO South Maharashtra zone, which serves Konkan, Western Maharashtra and Marathwada regions, has worked in a focused manner to expand its da'wah outreach, conducting over 1,200 activities in this period. Through personal contacts, field works, literature distribution, meetings and get-together, seminars and lectures as well as print, electronic and social media, we have introduced Islam in its true shape and form to a large section of the society in the state. Our network of over 900 dedicated members and thousands of associates in 80-odd cities and towns across 20 districts of Maharashtra are routinely engaged in da'wah work in their personal capacity as well as through collective efforts.
Despite our best of efforts, Allah's message is yet to reach a large population of the South Maharashtra region. However, through your support and cooperation, we can expand our da'wah activities and reach them as well.
Please follow our Da’wah journey and consider being a part of it by donatingthis Ramadan your zakat and other charities to SIO South Maharashtra. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has said, "By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than a whole lot of red camels."

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IFSC code : SBIN0007068

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Masjid Parichay: The masjid parichay (Visit My Mosque) program is aimed at introducing Masjid and its activities to non-Muslims in order to develop better understanding with the people of other faith and to help people understand Islam and Muslims in general. Practical demonstrations are conducted on Howwudhu and salah is performed, while significance of salah, the meaning of adhan and the basic beliefs of Islam are explained to the people. Also, Islamic literature in different languages is gifted to the participants.

Over 30 masjid parichay programs were conducted at various places, including Mira Road, Latur, Solapur, Parbhani, Basmat Kolhapur and Kalyan, serving around 1,000 non-Muslims.

'Manavtecha Sandesh' Competition: SIO south Maharashtra along with Sakal, a leading Marathi newspaper of the state, organised a very unique event called Manavtecha Sandesh (Message of Humanity). Under this initiative, different articles on Islam were published in all editions of Sakal of Marathwada region for consecutive 45 days. Through this unique project, Islam’s message was conveyed to around 4.5 lakh people of Marathwada. The readers were encouraged to participate in a quiz competition based on these articles.

Over 4,000 people submitted their entries for the competition, following which a prize distribution ceremony was held in Aurangabad for the winners.

'One God One Human Family' Campaign: As the state continues to face atrocities and discrimination based on language, caste and religion, SIO South Maharashtra successfully conducted an intensive state-wide campaign to bring people together. The ten-day campaign, titled ‘One God – One Human Family’, was conducted between September 21 and 30. During this period, SIO took its message of human integration to over 60 lakh people, most of them students and youths, across 20 districts in Konkan, Western Maharashtra and Marathwada regions. SIO members and associates, throughout the campaign, engaged the student community in over 100 cities and towns through a number of activities. We staged five human chains in Mumbai, Mira Road, Latur, Solapur and Jalna with a message of forging better ties among human beings. A caravan of the organisation’s zonal leadership visited 13 districts in 10 days in the state to raise awareness about the need to create a God-conscious and equal society.

Seminars and Lectures: SIO South Maharashtra regularly conducts seminars and lectures in schools, colleges, coaching institutes and universities to guide students and present Islamic viewpoint on various issues facing the society. In the last 12 months, around 1,500 such lectures were conducted, which were attended by more than 75,000 students.

In order to promote morality and Islamic values on campus, SIO conducted a symposium in Azad College Aurangabad, which was attended by around 250 boys and girls.

Human Upliftment& Development Association(HUDA), a trust of SIO South Maharashtra, organised a lecture on 'Universal Brotherhood: Idea to practice in 21st Century', as part of a series of seminars conducted every semester in collaboration with the university. Around 120 students and faculty members attended the event.

SIO organised a lecture on 'One God One Human Family' at a coaching class in Jalna. More than 50 non-Muslim students were present.

Books and Literature distribution: SIO units often set up book stalls and distribute Islamic literature in local languages, taking Allah's message far and wide.
Over one lakh books, pamphlets and copies of the Qur'an were distributed across South Maharashtra region last year.

On the ocassion of MiladunNabi (PBUH), various units of SIO, including Solapur, Miraj, Nanded, Latur and Kolhapur units,   conducted dawah fieldwork and set up free bookstalls to introduce the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the fellow country people.

On Teacher's Day, SIO Ahmed Nagar Circle along with JIH Ahmed Nagar, gifted 70 copies of Qur'an to the teachers, principals and HODs of Sarda College, VK patil College, New Arts and Science College and Vishwabharti College.

Fieldwork: SIO units routinely carry out field activities to ensure that Islamic teachings reach the grassroots level. During these activities, our cadre engages people in conversations around various themes such as the creation of universe, purpose of life and life after death. We reached more than 50,000 people through over 1,200 field activities in the last one year alone. Here are some of the filed activities we undertook during this period:

SIO Kalyan Unit members did a fieldwork among labourers working at dairy farms, explained the concept of equality in Islam, oneness of God (Tawhid) and day of Judgment (Akhirat) and had dinner with them.

Members of SIO Mira Road unit paid a courtesy visit to the elderly at an Old Age Home. They shared fruits and more importantly, their joys and sorrows with some 30 grandpas and grandmas. Thereafter, a short talk on the life of the Prophet (PBUH) was delivered followed by a poem on the character of the Prophet (PBUH).

On the occasion of statewide campaign 'One God One Human family' many of the units conducted fieldwork in college and university campuses.

Inter-faith get-togethers: During important festivals and occasions, SIO organises special meetings, such as Iftar parties and Eid Milan, where people belonging to various faith are brought together to convey a message of solidarity and highlight the common good present in different religions.

On the occasion of Miladun Nabi (PBUH), SIO Mira Road arranged a special program on the life of the Prophet (PBUH) at Islamic Centre Mira Road for brothers of all faiths.

PR meetings: In addition to da'wah among masses, our members make it a point to meet eminent personalities, including heads of educational institutes, bureaucrats, politicians and media personalities, and make them aware of SIO's work as well as teachings of Islam. In the last 12-month period we have met with more than 1,000 eminent personalities including former Education Minister of the state Vinod Tawde, former Minister of State (Home) Deepak Kesarkar and movie maker Suresh Goswami.

Print and Electronic Media: SIO's outreach and other activities are regularly featured in mainstream print and electronic media, through which our message of peace and harmony reaches to the nook and cranny of the state and beyond.Last year, over 500 reports related to our activities appeared in leading media English, Marathi, Hindi and Urdu outlets including The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Indian Express, Sakal, Lokmat, Divya Marathi, Punya Nagri, Dainik Bhaskar, Inquilab, Urdu Times, Roznama Sahara and Asia Express, with an estimated reach of one crore.

Social Media: SIO South Maharashtra has a robust social media presence across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp. Through these social media channels, we regularly put out creative videos, graphics and other content. Last year, we have had a cumulative social and electronic media reach of around one crore: Here are some of the important social media activities:
- Ish-wani( Quran in Marathi) and Ishwar Ke Bol (Quran In Hindi) series on Youtube channel
- Twitter campaign on #KnowMuhammad& #1God1Humanfamily 

Personal contacts: The organisation emphasizes inviting friends, relatives and acquaintances through personal contact more than any other form of da'wah, as it's the most effective way to change hearts and minds. As of now, around 600 members in South Maharashtra zone have regular da'wah contacts.

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